New Applicants

Persons seeking to operate a hospital or health care facility must first obtain a licence from the Board. In order to be eligible for a licence, you must first submit an application and:

  • Satisfy the Board that you are a fit and proper person, supplying the necessary documents verifying the qualifications of staff at the hospital or health care facility.
  • Satisfy the Board that the hospital or healthcare facility would be operating in the interest of public health.
  • Pay the prescribed fee.

Upon approval, the Board issues the licence which should be prominently displayed in the facility. The licence is valid until the end of December of that year and should be renewed annually by submitting a renewal application and prescribed fee.
In a case where the owner of the licence dies or resigns from the business of the hospital or health care facility, the Board may, upon application, consider transferring the license to the succeeding person. The individual must, however, first satisfy the Board that he is a fit and proper person to operate the facility. The transfer or variation of the licence is indicated by endorsement on the licence along with the date when the change was made.

Process for New Applicants

1. Download and complete form.

2. Submit completed form along with all of the following to the Board. Please note items a & b are required for all professional staff members

  1. Original Professional License and one photocopy
  2. Original Certificates and Diplomas and one photocopy of each
  3. Name, PO Box and telephone contacts of three references
  4. Trading name of business if applicable
  5. Fee. Cheques to be made payable to The Hospitals & Health Care Facilities Licensing Board. Sorry, no cash accepted

3. The Inspector will advise applicants of any additional documents that are required.

Persons seeking to operate a hospital or health care facility
Currently Registered Facilities that are applying for yearly renewal.
To open a temporary Facility.

Temporary Facility License
To add new medical services in a currently registered facility.
Fee Structure
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